Monday, 15 April 2013


The world in a pool of pleasure
Adultery and murder takes a center stage
Such envy, hate and injustices, no man can measure
Alas for those in such an evil rage.
The sky seem dark and cruel like the eyes of a beast
While the ocean taste like the venom of a demon
One unholy body …the Earth
A billion demonic heads …Humanity.

Above the sky in faraway heaven
A God of three and Heavenly host assemble
The heart of the Father (our creator) is bitter, His anger intense
Mankind (his creation) has gone astray, evil deeds for devout affections
The fate of mankind heads for ruin
If not atoned for, by a worthy and acceptable sacrifice
But whose blood could be so divine to please the Father
If not His son’s (Jesus), who out of love for us volunteered

Even as the world wallow in merriments of sin
A Christ is born of man, that beloved son of God
Conceived by the Holy Spirit
Born of a Blessed Virgin (Mary)
A Mother who for Himself He had ordained
Oh Lady! Most pure and full of grace
Though he comes to save us all
We despised Him and esteemed Him not

How great his passion for our redemption
He has borne our grief and carried our sorrows
A lamb that possesses nothing
A king that owns all
He was bruised, defiled and afflicted for our iniquities
Yet we esteemed Him stricken
Deep pains He felt
Faithful to the very end
There He was hung in agony, slained and bleeding
He suffered death, painful death on the cross

Thereafter death, He descended into the empire of hell
Conquering death, putting the emperor (satan) to shame and defeat
He did rise from the dead
Possessing the key to life, He ascended into the Glory of Heaven
Hence, who ever believes in Him yet he dies
Shall rise to live for eternity.

…Christ is risen, ALLELUYAH!

Monday, 25 March 2013

So called "Friends".

*Some frndz are so unpredictable. ...soma'dem cum wiv a glass of volatile hope/frndshp...:>#ItSucks!